Sketched art for sale Although I mostly create artwork on larger surfaces, I also create small pieces of charcoal art that I mount and sell. Over the years this has proved to be somewhat collected by people from all over the world, including some well known people whom  cannot obviously divulge due to the new data protection laws. All I can say is you will have seen them in various films and in the media. Of course its not just the rich and famous that have an eye for art or an investment as many of the people who have purchased my artwork simply like what they see. And to me that is all that matters. What is also unique about the art I create is that you will NEVER see it on a stock website or in any department store. You can ONLY purchase my artwork directly from me. And I will never allow any of my work to become mass printed at any price. To purchase my artwork please make a note of the IMG code and enter it into the order form.  In preference I would prefer payment by cheque, postal order or direct transfer. Although I will also accept (reluctantly) Paypal.   © Art By Paul 2000-2018    Sketched Creations Sorry this page is being updated Beauty in all shapes This sketch shows a woman who lives two life’s but shows only the one to each man. As she continues with her walk between the different life’s she is leaving a trail of crumbling souls. Original sketch £125.00 (free UK postage) A4 print mounted on a 16” x 12” cream mount £50.00 + postage. Feeling of trust 1 This sketch holds a hidden meaning that nones has managed to reveal. However, each person who looks at it seems to see something of themselves. It has even resulted in someone realizing his sexuality and is now in a loving relationship. And yes he purchased a print. What do you see?.. remember to look very deep. Original sketch £125.00 (free UK postage) A4 print mounted on a 16” x 12” cream mount £50.00 + postage.
Random sketches (original)
Random sketches (prints)