Welcome Firstly may I thank you for visiting my small website. As you can clearly see I create various forms of art for people across the UK. I also sell some of my artwork and am proud to boast that some of my work is is decorating the walls of some very well know people across the globe. Sketched creations As someone who clearly loves to create art, I have spent many years creating sketched artwork. As a rule, this take the form as charcoal but I do also mix it up a bit and work with pastels and even pen at times. Over the years I have also sold various pieces of art to people all over the world. Some people who are well known and were looking to add to their collections of British artists and some people who just liked my art. However, I have never (and will never) sell any of my art on stock sites. Basically you should never be able to purchase my art in a home furnishing store or any shop. Basically, I do not sell on commission. This means that you can only purchase directly from me which makes every piece individually signed. Photographic creations I have been taking photographs since I was about thirteen years old. I have to confess that I do not have a specific type of images I like to capture but in recent years I have tended to lean towards macro photography. Romany art charms As a Romani (gypsy) I have always held a close link to nature and of course have a belief in the inner mind etc. So as expected I also create artistic charms and oracles. I do not however read peoples futures or have a crystal ball. I believe we have many paths in life and nobody can predict a specific path via a piece of glass.  My art charms have however, proved to be an effective guide for the recipient. Caravan and Motorhome accessories advice I have provided you with various guides about caravan and motor homes. As you will see I do not charge for this and it is done in good will. Please consider helping me to maintain this website by purchasing my artwork. “Thank you” © Art By Paul 2000-2018    Homepage Sorry this site is being updated so some links may not be working yet. Due to copyright laws I am unable (at the moment) to display any known cartoon characters on this website. The images displayed below are just a small range of what I create though. https://youtu.be/kYBqrIOlIk8