Romani charms As a rule, most people associate the words Romani, Gypsy with large groups of people who land or a piece of public (or private) land and destroy it by dumping rubbish and handling stolen goods. I believe the latest phrase is “pikey”.  HOWEVER, these people are NOT gypsies in any form or way what so ever. A real Romani Gypsy (traveller) will either live in a small hard working family that has strong morels and ethics. Sadly, there are very few of us remaining now and we often travel solo. Most of the time you will not even know we are around. Please never mix us up. Romani gypsies (the real ones) also have a strong link with the world around us, both all you can see and feel. We feel the changes in the seasons and we have an uncanny ability to sense what can lie ahead. Now this doesn’t mean we look into a giant crystal ball and suddenly see a tall dark stranger etc etc,. We simply make a physical link (such as holding hands) with another person and it can be like opening a book with many pages. With other people we can sense what was, what is and what may be. With me, its often peoples eyes and hands. I can often read a persons eyes and see what they are holding back. I also feel when I hold a persons hand. In addition to these gifts I have been reading Tarot and oracle cards for a long time. My gift with the cards has been used by people from all walks of life. This may be a little old lady, to a global company director looking for direction. Granted you will not find me listed under “famous fortune tellers” so to speak as I prefer to remain out of the spotlight as do the people who have used me. You may well have already seen my work, as many clients have asked me to create a Romani charm. These are small (mounted) sketches that are based on what a person has told me and what I feel from an object they have passed to me. This may be a lock of hair, a personal piece of cloth. Or even a photograph of their eyes. Below are a few examples of Romani chars. If you would like me to create a charm for you, your home, your caravan etc please use the reading form below. © Art By Paul 2000-2018    Romani Charms Sorry this page is being updated