Sargent command settings screen The list below will help you to understand the system settings scree. © Art By Paul 2000-2018    Time settings As you scroll through the menus it will display hours/mins/days/date/month and year. Use the             buttons to move through the options and the        button to change each option. Key beep on/off Use this function to decide if the buttons beep or not. Back light and led times This lets you change how long the screen stays on. Just like your mobile phone does. Tank alarms If you are either using a motorhome or your caravan has an internal fresh water tank this setting will sound an alarm whenever the water falls below 25%. If you only use an aqua roll I would turn this off by tapping the       button and then exit the system settings. Bluetooth settings In these settings you can link the control panel to your mobile phone via the bluetooth. You will also need to download the swift command app onto your phone/tablet etc. Please note that this is not the option that lets you travel away from your vehicle and still control it. To use Bluetooth you need to be in your vehicle. Tank heaters Some motor-homes have a frost protection heater fitting to the waste/fresh water tanks. This setting lets you activate them. Fridge settings Depending on which fridge you have in your van, you can operate the fridge settings via the control panel and also the Swift command app. Personally I would stick to using the buttons on the fridge instead. argent