Sargent command panel The most recent control panel from Sargent offers various options such as bluetooth and even an app that allows you to operate it when you are away from the vehicle . However, I’m not going to talk about the really technical options as all we want to do is get you up and running. © Art By Paul 2000-2018    Leisure charging This just tells you how much power is currently in your leisure battery. Not the engine (car battery). Heater settings If you plan on using the swift command app, you need to change this setting to app. You do this by tapping the      button x3 until it displays the word “APP”. If you are not going to use the app just leave it on “MANUAL” Dimmer level If you repeatability tap the    button, it will adjust the lights dimmer level. Internal temperature This displays the temperature inside your vehicle. If you press the       button it will also display the internal humidity and the external temperature too. Select battery Use this setting to choose whether to use the leisure battery, or the vehicle (car/engine) battery. To do this just tap the   button. Personally, I would not use the engine battery if humanly possible. AC limit The AC limiter is actually a useful gadget. Imagine the site you are on only lets you use a maximum of 8 amps (2KWs). Now repeatedly tap the      button until you see “AC LIMIT 8A”. Now lets say you have the hot water switched on and running solely on the mains electric. Then you use a hair-dryer. Normally you will trip the hook up fuse. However, this setting will switch off the hot water while you exceed 8 amp. Most UK sites allow around 16 amps so I would set the AC limiter to 16amps. Solar panel This simply displays the amount of charge the solar panel is putting into the leisure battery. Vehicle battery If you are using this panel in a motorhome this will show you how much power is in the engine battery. System settings Going into the system settings will open more settings such as the clock, blue tooth, tank alarms etc. If you wish to learn more please click on the image to the left now. Sargent