Welcome Solar power has become a common site on caravans and motor-homes these days. But do you really need it? and what will it run too. The diagram below will (hopefully) help you to understand how it works and more importantly what it will run in your van.   © Art By Paul 2000-2018    What will solar run in my van? Well, there is a lot of people that believe that they can run as much on solar as they can on mains hook up. Sadly the reality is that you could line the roof of your van with solar panels and you will still only charge your laptop, or run a low wattage TV for a few hours. Especially in the UK. Solar power in a caravan etc is more of a trickle charging system than an alternative to main power. And when you plug into the mains power mos of them shut down because you do not need to chargers at the same time. So what will your panel run?. Well lets assume you have a  100 watt solar panel fitted to your van. And you have a 100 amp leisure battery. You will normally be able to run any of the gadgets shown below for several hours. Of course if you have no sunlight this will be reduced.  If you pla on running a TV via the 12V system I would advice you to use one with a power consumption less than 35 watts. Exceeding this will dramatically effect the life of your battery. You will normally see a sticker on the back of your TV (or any appliance) that says something like “power consumption 25w/60Hz. Solar Power