Trauma controls (the turny button things) Before Trauma launched the Inet ready digital control panel they used two buttons to operate the hot water and the heating. The heat was produced by an electric fire that could also be operated by gas too. In addition to this the fire also had a 12v fan that could circulate both hot and cool air. So lets show you how to use the different controllers © Art By Paul 2000-2018    Electric heating (solo) If you have this controller then you may also have an electric fire. But before we start setting it up you need to also locate a switch that is called either “ultra heat” or “space heater”. This is the master on/off switch. Now turn it on.  Ok, Look at the picture to the left. It shows 500/1000/2000 and 1-9 in the black circle. I want you to turn the outer (grey) part of the button to the number 2000. This sets your electric hater to operate on up to 2KW. This is basically 8 amps. Now set the inner (black) button to the number 3. This is the room temperature control. Number 3 is around 15/20c. If you turned on the master switch and are also connected to the mains power you should also see a small green light on the control. And now if your van gets colder than (about) 20c hot air will trickle from the front of the electric fire. 0 20 40 50 60 70 Hot water (on gas only) If you have this controller in your vehicle you can heat the water on gas. This control is simple to use as all you do is rotate the outer (grey) part of the controller to the little flame symbol. After a few seconds you will then hear a clunk sound. This is your boiler attempting to ignite on gas. Once you have done this, you simply rotate the inner (black) controller to the desired temperature. As a rule, 40c suits most people. If you run out of gas a small red light will be displayed. Please note that is can take about half an hour for the boiler to heat the water. Combi controller You may have this type of controller in your van. It can seem somewhat complicated. But in all honesty you will only normally use 2 of the options.  Ok lets assume you only use electricity to heat your van and water at a site that allows at least 8 amps. On the LEFT button turn the grey dial all the way up to the 2 wavy lines(1). Now on the RIGHT button turn it all the way down to HEAT/WATER (10). You have now set the water to 60c and the heat will work on 2 KW (8 amps). Now turn the inner dial on the right to the number 3. That’s about 20c. Now if you want to use a mix of gas/electric choose either number 4 or 5 and keep the right button/dial ecatly where it is. Finally, if you only want to use gas for everything move the LEFT button to number 3 and use the options 6/7/9/10 on the right button to choose different temperatures etc. Ultra store Ultra Heat Hot water Heater Truma