Trauma (Inet ready) Trauma systems tend to work by blowing heated air around your van. A bit like a large hair dryer in many ways. Now add on a 10ltre slow boil kettle and that’s the entire system. Well almost. On this page we are going to look at the latest Trauma (inet ready) digital panel. It looks more complicated than it actually is to be honest. But follow my guide and you should be up and running in no time at all. A couple of points first though. The water and heating heats up much quick on gas than electric   © Art By Paul 2000-2018    Heating Firstly, we are going to set the heating temperature. Don’t worry it wont actually heat up unless your van temperature falls below the temperature we are going t set t at. This will be 20c for now. Right, now see the big round button (green arrow) I want you to urn it until the little icon of a van starts flashing. Now push it. You show now be seeing either the word “OFF” on a number between 5-30. I want you to tun the button clockwise until you see the number “20”. The push the button. The display will (hopefully) return to  the main menu. Well done, you just set up the heating to heat up to 20c. Hot water To heat the water you need to follow the same instructions as shown above. However, this time make the hot water icon flash 9shown left)Now depending on how the fitter configured the display you will see either ECO/HOT/BOOST or you will see 40/60/BOOST. They mean the same thing. So eco is 40c, hot is 60c and boost will use both gas (if available) and electric at the same time to heat the water faster.. So as before, you turn the button and select your desired temperature. I personally advice ECO/40. Now press the button......That’s all done. Using gas or electric? With this system you can use either gas or mains (240v) hookup to heat the van and the domestic water. So we will start with GAS. I want you to now select the power icon. Push the round button and you will see on of the following options.....GAS/MIX-1/MIX- 2/EL1/EL2. If you select GAS and push the round button you will only be able to run the heating and boiler on gas. This is normally used if you wild camp. MIX 1 & 2:  When you select either of these options the system will use both the gas and electric to heat the van and the water. As a rule, it heats the water on 240velectric and the heating on gas. The numbers 1 & 2 relates to kilowatts. So either 1KW or 2KW. Now the clever bit is when you exceed the 1KW or 2KW that you selected. Because the (water) boiler will switch over to gas until you drop back below 1KW or 2KW. EL1 & EL2: This option does the same as above (mix 1/2)however, this time instead of switching to gas it simply switches the boiler off until you drop below 1KW or 2 KW. Cool air (this is not air conditioning) In addition to heating the van, you can also blow cool air around the van. So to get this working you need to first switch the heating OFF. Do this by following the first guide (top of this page) and turn the button until you see the word OFF displayed. Now click the button. OK, now select the fan icon. Press the button and you will see (hopefully) the word “VENT”. push the button again and you will see either the word OFF or 1-10. I want you to turn the button clockwise until is displays the number “10”. now click the button and wait a few moments. The fans will start blowing cool air. To lower the fan speed just do the same as above and choose a lower speed. To stop the fan completely, I would just go back to the heating control and set it to at least 5c. That will override the cool air fan. PLEASE NOTE. If you are not plugged into the mains power this fan will run the batteries down quickly. Truma