Whale Combi duo The latest edition to Whale is this system. Its mostly found in Swift Basecamps. Its actually a very easy system to use as there are very few functions to it.  As with most systems it produces hot blown air and heats water to around 70c The guide below shows you haw to get the system up and running. © Art By Paul 2000-2018    Hot water functions. This is obviously the option that switches the boiler off. Or put another way “cold water” These two options will give you the option to use 1KW  (40c) or 2KWs(60c).  As a rule, most people will select 40c which is the single wavy line These  setting will tell the boiler to use both gas and electric. you choose these if you want the water to heat quicker. And if you select this option the boiler will heat the water on gas ONLY. The heating system As with the boiler (hot water) you can run the heating on either electric, gas or both together To run the heating on electric simply select one of the options shown to the left. Basically you can choose around 1, 2 or 3 KWs. or put another way 4/8/12 amps. Just so you know 2000w heats your vehicle up quicker than 1500w. Also try choosing a amperage that matches the hook up point at the site you are staying on. If you selected 2000w on a site with only 750w you will keep popping their fuses This settings will use both the gas and the electric together. It will use around 1000w (1KW/4amps) and some gas too. As a rule it will always favour the electric though. Finally, if you wild camp and only want to use gas to heat your vehicle, choose this setting. It will use only the gas and obviously no electric. To reduce the amount of gas you consume I would recommend a maximum heating of 20c. Gas only Gas and electric Electric ONLY 750w 1500w 750w 1500w Gas only Electric ONLY 1000w Temperature up Temperature down ON/OFF BUTTON Keep tapping to scroll through the power options ON/OFF BUTTON Keep tapping to scroll through the power options Frost Protection The Space Heater is fitted with Frost Protection to maintain a low temperature in cold weather. To activate Frost Protection press until the yellow indicator on the temperature gauge is above the frost protection icon Whale